Cooperation Partner News: Professional Indemnity Insurance – Exali AG launches insurance for IT Freelancers in Romania

Introducing Professional Indemnity Insurance for IT Freelancers in Romania Are you an IT freelancer in Romania? Are you worried about the potential risks and liabilities that come with your work? We have good news for you! We are excited to announce that our cooperation partner Exali AG has launched a new insurance product: Professional Indemnity […]

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Invitation to the next Mertus expert round: “Freelancing” – What you should know about the law & the risks!

The event: The company “Freelancing” – What you should know about the law and the risks! – This is the topic of our digital and interactive live Mertus Expertenrunde on 26/04/2023 at 13:00 (CET). Among other things, we will exchange ideas on: ✔️ The choice of the right legal form ✔️ The differences between types […]

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Update: The video of our Mertus expert panel “Cybersecurity as a Freelancer” is now online!

Mertus expert panel: Cybersecurity as a freelancer In the Mertus Expert Panel, we talked with two experts on the topic of cybersecurity. You can now watch the recording of the event on YouTube. You will learn why freelancers are an interesting target for cyber criminals and how relevant the threat really is. Real cases of […]

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Invitation to the next Mertus Expert Panel “Cybersecurity as a freelancer”

The event: Data protection and Information security are an important basis for successful freelancing. You have to make sure that both your own and your customers’ data are protected from unauthorized access. The minefield of potential security risks is often difficult to grasp, and cybercriminals are constantly developing new methods to trick their victims. Often, […]

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Cyber risks for freelancers – threats and measures

Since the start of the Corona pandemic at the latest, cybercriminals have been experiencing a new peak phase. Hardly a week goes by without reports of hacking with all its unpleasant consequences – from financial damage and loss of reputation to business interruption that threatens the very existence of the company. This no longer only […]

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Mertus Expert Panel: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation One of the currently predominant buzzwords in the context of digitization is “Robotic Process Automation” or “RPA” for short. The automation of repetitive activities is intended to increase the productivity of an organization and save costs in the process. But what exactly does RPA mean, which approaches can be pursued and what […]

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Mertus Expert Panel: Low-Code Solutions in the SAP Project Environment

Business processes are to be optimized ever faster. Low-code and no-code development are becoming a very popular and promising alternative for companies that want to develop their own customized apps quickly and cost-effectively. The larger and more complex the projects, the more interesting the potential of the new technologies. This is precisely why there are […]

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Mertus Expertenrunde #1 – Aufnahme jetzt auf YouTube anschauen

Wir haben uns mit zwei Experten in der Mertus Expertenrunde zu Risiken beim Freelancen ausgetauscht. Mit Dr. Andreas Lutz vom VGSD haben wir einige Aspekte der Scheinselbständigkeit beleuchtet. Insbesondere haben wir uns dazu ausgetauscht, inwieweit Freelancer davon betroffen sein können und welche Risiken eine Scheinselbständigkeit für Auftragnehmer und Auftraggeber birgt. Neue Entwicklungen in der Rechtsprechung […]

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Live – Mertus Expertenrunde am 02.02.2022 – “Risiken beim Freelancen: Scheinselbständigkeit, Haftung & Co.”

Freelancing birgt viele Vorteile für Fachkräfte. Neben besonderer Flexibilität und Selbstbestimmung im Berufsalltag, besteht die Aussicht auf abwechslungsreiche Projekte. Auch das Einkommen kann im Vergleich zu einer klassischen Festanstellung optimiert werden. Freelancing birgt jedoch auch unternehmerische Risiken, derer man sich bewusst sein sollte. Zum Start von 2022 möchten wir uns deshalb mit wichtigen Fragen beschäftigen, […]

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