Your benefits at a glance


A head start through specialized knowledge and skills.

Cost efficiency

Ability to plan ahead and reduce costs.


Acceleration of project progress through external assistance.


Special know-how exactly where and when its needed.

Why Mertus ?

Digitalization offers companies countless opportunities, but it is also associated with challenges. The ongoing specialization and acceleration of technology cycles require an ever greater degree of flexibility in order to respond to new business situations and needs. At the same time, our customers face increasing competition for skilled workers. In order to come closer to the goal of a “breathing organization”, it is therefore necessary to have a contemporary procurement of skilled professionals and service providers who can efficiently drive projects forward with their specific know-how.
At Mertus, we make it our daily mission to assemble the perfect team for our clients’ projects.

"Freelancing on Point!"

  • We identify our clients’ needs and specific project requirements as accurately as possible. A precise definition of the project allows us to select exactly those freelancers that our clients really need.
  • In addition to professional competencies, personal fit is also a focus of our work. Because we are convinced: A harmonious cooperation is essential for the success of a project team.
  • “On Point” must ultimately also be the handling of the procurement process. We therefore work hard to ensure fast, efficient and legally compliant handling for all parties involved.

Our Founders

The successful placement of professionals requires a thorough understanding of the interests and concerns of clients and freelancers. We bring this understanding with us and unite clients’ needs and freelancers’ skillsets.

Parts of our team have worked as freelancers in IT project management for many years. They have experienced the advantages and disadvantages, the processes and the typical problems first hand. Therefore, we know how the industry works and we understand our target groups!
Our founder team underpins this understanding with legal know-how to make the use of our freelancers in our customers’ projects as legally secure as possible for all parties involved. We are driven by our passion for efficient processes, digitalization and agile working.

Merlin Thabe

Merlin Thabe

Freelancer | Software Developer | CEO

Hans-Justus Daase

Hans-Justus Daase

Trained Lawyer | CEO

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