Out of conviction

We, too, want to make our contribution to the realization of a climate-neutral economy. To this end, we strive to record the impact of our company on our environment and to start to make a real improvement where we can.
We are constantly striving to improve our environmental footprint.. Our efforts cover a whole range of individual aspects.
Our current focus is on:


An important indicator of the ecological footprint is, of course, CO2 emissions. We aim to be completely CO2 neutral by 2024. The starting point for reduction is to accurately determine the status quo of our emissions. To reduce our emissions, we are implementing basic default settings at our workplaces as well as rules of conduct in the office aimed at saving resources. Another key aspect of our efforts is to agree on environmentally friendly travel policies. This applies not only to the freelancers we deploy, but primarily to the business trips of our own team, of course!

Paperless Office

Our everyday office life should be 100% paperless! Printed e-mails, photocopies and analog contract documents are avoidable in our view and we therefore rely on digital solutions wherever possible.

Raising Awareness

Through our ongoing commitment to sustainable ways of working, we aim in particular to improve general awareness among our team and business partners regarding sustainable ways of working. We are convinced that this awareness is a crucial starting point for real lasting change.

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