Your benefits with Mertus at a glance


Flexibility in everyday life - you decide when, where and how.

Income increase

Revenue maximization through ideal consulting and attractive projects. Larger participation in the success of a project.


Make targeted use of your core competencies.

Planning security

Focus on your current projects - we are looking for your future orders.

Why Mertus ?

As a freelancer, you provide your special skills and knowledge for customer’s projects. The focus of your work should therefore coincide with your core competencies. Mertus supports you in the acquisition of new projects and the planning of your assignments. In this way, you can focus completely on the project work and realize yourself as a freelancer. If you have any questions or problems, we will always be at your side with help and advice. We at Mertus take our promise of individual support and comprehensive advice seriously.

"Freelancing on Point!"

  • We analyze our clients’ needs down to the last detail and recruit suitable freelancers based on specific project requirements. In doing so, we only suggest what really suits you and your project preferences.
  • “On Point” must finally also be the handling of the project process. At Mertus we therefore work hard to ensure fast, efficient and legally compliant processing for all parties involved.

Mertus Freelancer Community

Furthermore, it is close to our heart to promote the professional exchange between freelancers and freelancers. With the Mertus Freelancer Community we would like to create a platform for this.
We regularly organize events on topics that are of particular importance to freelancers. We work closely with our Cooperation partners and experts to provide valuable input for our freelancer community. In addition, we offer a constantly growing range of additional services to make your daily work as a freelancer easier. For example, you will find information and templates on topics such as:

and much more.

“Last but not least” we publish articles on relevant developments and topics for freelancers in our Mertus Journal as well as on the Mertus LinkedIn page.

Our Founders

Successful placement of professionals requires a thorough understanding of the interests and concerns of clients and freelancers. We bring this understanding with us!

Parts of our team have been working as freelancers in IT project management for many years themselves. They have experienced the advantages and disadvantages, the processes as well as the typical problems first hand. Therefore, we know how the industry works and we understand our target groups concerns.
The Mertus founding team backs up this understanding with legal know-how to make our freelancers’ work for our clients as legally secure as possible for all parties involved.
We are driven by our passion for efficient processes, digitalization and agile working.

Merlin Thabe

Merlin Thabe

Freelancer | Software Developer | CEO

Hans-Justus Daase

Hans-Justus Daase

Trained Lawyer | CEO

In case of any further questions please feel free to contact Mertus .

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