Digital Transformation and Marketing Manager

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Freelancer anfragen

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    –           More than twenty years’ experience in management consulting with emphasis on corporate and e-business strategies, digital transformation, operations, supply chain optimization and sales force effectiveness, five years in other professional functions

    –           Expertise among the entire consulting value chain, deep insights into digital transformation, organizational effectiveness and marketing and sales force organization and restructuring

    –           Experience in developing & executing brand strategy through integrated & innovative customer interaction models and leading cross-functional teams to catalyze organizational change and deliver business impact

    –           Deep expertise in developing and operationalizing transformative digital strategies

    –           Background in Pharma (PM), Retail Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication, Retail and Manufacturing, Business Member Organizations and Chamber of Commerce

    –           Experience from more than 15 projects in e-business, digital transformation and marketing

    –           Structured and result driven work style, skilled at seeing the big picture and identifying issues and tasks to facilitate in time and budget, commercial awareness

    –           Ability to simplify complex project requirements and find viable team-based solutions

    –           Confident and concise communicator, able to present on different levels

    –           Strong leader and team player, adapt at supporting team members to achieve personal and professional goals, flexible and open-minded nature

    Freelancer anfragen

    Freelancer anfragen



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